We're creating a supportive team of impactful women just for you.

Let's create safe spaces for us to reach our goals, be vulnerable, powerful, focused & connected.

About Us

EXPEERTS.CLUB is a worldwide community of impactful women who support each other unconditionally with their knowledge and experience as EXPEERTS. We all work towards an equal and fair future.

What we offer

We form small teams and offer structured content and a proven EXPEERTS.method. We'll help you set your goals and your team will hold you accountable to become your best possible self.

You commit to meeting with your team for one hour a week (online) and working on your own goals and habits.

You will discuss your challenges with your team members (5 women), there will be time to develop solutions together and learn from each other.

After your first 12 week of bonding, we offer you different 12-week programs so that you can follow different learning paths, f.e. "All about EQUITY, DIVERSITY, INCLUSION" , "Crowdfunding for women entrepreneurs", "We should all become millionaires together" ...

You are the right fit...

  • If you want to see change in the world and be surrounded with likeminded women
  • If you know you are capable of more and want to realize your potential
  • If you want to challenge your status quo/start a business/change your career
  • If you need feedback, accountability partners, and a small team
  • If you want to work focused and achieve your goals
  • If you align with our big purpose of #fiftyfiftyfastfoward and a fair future for all.
  • If you aligh with our values of unconditional support for other women to help them shine and thrive.
  • If you want to change the status quo with us.

Align our values

This club is on invitation only. Now that you are here (welcome!), you have probably been invited by one of our members or by the founder Clôd Baumgartner. Awesome! Join our club! We can't wait to meet you.

Please get in touch with us, we will tell you more in a short 14 minute call. We will be happy to invite you if our values match. Make an appointment here: www.EXPEERTS.CLUB/letstalk